What is Ethnic Heritage?

Ethnic Heritage pertains to a group of people who share the same ancestry, culture, religion and language.  This is who you are and where you came from. It is comprised of the culture you practice, and your ancestral background. Usually, when people talk about representing their heritage, they imply that they are practicing culture which is native to their land of ancestry. If someone lives in another country outside of their ancestral home, they will be influenced by their current country. Let’s consider someone who lives in Canada of Ukrainian ancestry vs an Armenian person living in Ukraine. The Canadian person of Ukrainian descent is ethnically Ukrainian and their ancestry is Ukrainian. They are not culturally entirely Ukrainian because they grew up in Canada. Of course, a Ukrainian person living in Canada can practise Ukrainian culture, however, it is not the same as someone directly from Ukraine because there is influence from their current country.  In the case of the Armenian person living in Ukraine, the Armenian person is culturally Armenian with a Ukrainian influence, but their ancestry does not come from Ukraine. Ancestry refers to your roots, but culture is what you practise. Ancestry cannot change-it’s a fact where your ancestors came from. Culture can change through relocation and adaptation.