Helping you understand your Ethnic Background

Ethnic DNA Interpretation and Analysis if you have DNA Test Results (US Dollars)


Product Description

If you have ordered and received Ethnic DNA Test Results in the past, from any company, but are having difficulty in understanding or believing the test results, or if you need clarification of your Ethnicity, this Product is for you.

We will analyze your previous DNA test results, and research historical facts that pertain to the world regions and populations that your DNA test results have highlighted to define your Ethnic Background.  Using historical facts such as migratory patterns of human populations due to trade routes and conquests, and analyzing events such as wars, natural catastrophies and others that occurred in the regions that define your ancestry,  we will establish feasible explanations of how the DNA results can really make sense.

Once our research is completed, we will e-mail you a detailed two page report, specifically researched and written about you.