Helping you understand your Ethnic Background

Analysis of your information if you don’t have DNA results (US Dollars)


Product Description

Have you ever wondered about yourself and your Ethnicity? Did you parents tell you that you are from countries X and Y, yet you find this difficult to believe? For example, are you from Spain, yet your eyes are blue and your hair blond? How can this be?

We can help you to make sense of these types of questions without you having to take a DNA test. Of course, if you choose to take a DNA test for further clarification, then this is something that other esteemed DNA Testing Companies, can help you with. We do not perform DNA tests at BeyondDNA.  However, even without DNA results, we can help.

If you send us all you know about your background from family trees, word of mouth, parents, and your physical features or attributes that cause you confusion, we will look at multiple historical factors that may have affected your Ethnicity and background.  We will consider migratory patterns of humans along with sources of historical data, and try to determine how your traits can make sense. Sometimes there are historic facts that contribute to people’s features many, many generations beyond what is recorded in family trees, due to events such as migrations of populations due to wars, famine or natural disasters, and we will help to uncover this information.  Sometimes, groups of people have migrated to different geographic regions due to religious persecution or simply due to a search for a better future.

We will send you a two page report that clears up any uncertainty that you may have about your background.