What You Should Know About DNA Analysis?

Most people think of DNA analysis as being expensive and complex. Although there are many DNA analysis companies, when choosing the right one, you will gain tremendous insight into your ancestral tree, as well as a detailed report. With the use of DNA analysis, your genetic material is carefully evaluated and used to identify recent and distant ancestors.

Today, the degree of DNA analysis accuracy is remarkable. Not only does analysis help people learn about their ancestors, it is a valuable tool in determining paternity and for criminal investigations and forensic applications.

Insight into the Analysis of DNA

Beyond DNA is a leading expert in the analysis of DNA that offers two distinct services. First, an existing DNA test is used to conduct a professional analysis of the results. If the outcome of your testing reveals that your ancestors are from a certain region or country yet that information does not line up with what you know, an analysis will separate fact from fiction.

An expert will go over the results of your DNA test and look at major events, including invasions, trading posts, wars, and population migrations to confirm historical facts. Using this option for analysis is extremely easy. You simply email both your DNA test results and any questions pertaining to your ancestry. In exchange, a professional analysis is performed and the results emailed back to you in the form of a report that is easy to read and understand.

Second, an analysis is performed when no DNA test results exist. If you have not had a DNA test done, you can still get solid answers about your ancestors. To get the information that you want, simply provide any information that has been passed on to you. For example, perhaps a relative shared the region or country where your ancestors lived but your physical attributes do not match.

For this type of DNA analysis, an expert conducts in-depth research to confirm the facts. You are also provided with an explanation as to why your features do not appear to match with the region or country. Once again, you email as much information as you have and then allow the professionals to conduct an analysis.

At Beyond DNA, we offer both of these services for DNA analysis. We can also recommend a reputable DNA testing company if you prefer to take that route. To get facts about your ancestors, we are 100 percent confident in the services that we offer.