Using DNA Testing to locate your Relatives

An interesting topic which is yet to be discussed on these blogs for DNA testing is the ability to match with relatives. Most companies nowadays give customers the option of looking at their genetic family members, plus giving them the option to communicate with these relatives.

People focusing only on their ancestral backgrounds may not see why this is such a fantastic concept.  However, there is a significant benefit in knowing who you are related to.  Communicating with relatives may enable you to fill in the gaps of your family tree, and to learn more about your genealogy. Suppose you meet a relative online. They may have information which you are looking for, or they may know of other individuals who do. Therefore, making connections is a wise idea when it comes to exploring your ancestral DNA, your genealogy, and distant family history. As mentioned in a previous blog, Gedmatch is a great resource for this as well. Because so many people use different companies, you could have hundreds or even thousands of relatives who did not use the same DNA testing company as you did. However, the majority of companies now allow customers to download their raw data. With this data, a person who used company X, and another person who used company Y will be able to see that they are related if they both upload their raw data to  Gedmatch. Communicating with several relatives may even surprisingly inform you that you partially belong to a different background that you had no knowledge of.