The Secret Behind a DNA Ethnicity Test

A DNA ancestry test provides information about a person’s ethnicity. With DNA test results in hand, you have the opportunity to learn about a specific ancestor, your child, and even yourself. Many people are curious about their family tree. Thanks to modern technology and professional assistance, there is an easy way to get answers.

Exciting Advances in DNA Testing

Today, DNA testing for ancestry information is quicker and easier than ever before. If you have already had a DNA test done but are questioning the validity, Beyond DNA’s professionals will dissect the information, followed by giving you a detailed report. However, if you have not had a DNA test done, we have the ability to help you gain insight into your family tree based on the information that you do have.

Whether you have test results, a DNA ancestry test is like a jigsaw puzzle in that different pieces come together to provide specific information. With DNA testing, you have the ability to examine your family tree well beyond your parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents.

Using affordable DNA testing, you will discover who your ancestors are as well as where they lived and how you and their descendants from around the world connect. With modern-day testing, DNA science is applied to your family history. Because DNA passes down from generation to generation within the same family, you can find common denominators with your ancestors.

For your DNA, 50 percent comes from your mother and 50 percent from your father. They too got their DNA from their parents, and on down the line. You inherited a specific combination from your parents, which is what makes you unique.

However, within the family tree are shared genetics. To delve into your family’s history, you no longer have to spend a fortune on a DNA test to trace your ancestry. Although you can learn about your family tree without testing, a quality DNA ancestry test offers information that is more detailed.

Beyond DNA specializes in the analysis of DNA testing. Our experts would love the opportunity to provide you with information based on an existing DNA ancestry test, or we can help you find information based on what you currently know without having DNA test results. Instead of questioning your family tree, we will help you get definitive answers.