Oceania Part 1: Polynesia

For the next few weeks, we will be taking about Oceania and origins of different groups living within Oceania. We begin quite broadly with Polynesians and their origins:

The origins of ethnic Polynesians is interesting. About a week ago, we at BeyondDNA received an email from a reader of our blogs, asking us about the different Polynesian groups, and how similar and how different they are. While the answer to exactly how similar or different group A in Polynesia is from group B is not exactly straightforward, let us first examine Polynesia on its own. While there are a multitude of distinct theories attempting to explain the origins of contemporary Polynesian individuals, one of the most famous is that the migration of Austronesians into modern day Polynesia. These Austronesians would have likely originated in modern day Taiwan. Through migration, the Austronesians would have likely mixed with Melanesian individuals as well.   Next week, a blog will be posted about Melanesians and their origins.