Know How DNA Testing Has Changed Everything

Before modern DNA testing, having an ethnic background test performed was a big ordeal. Typically, a test was ordered by a court, the cost was enormous, and it took many months to receive the ethnicity DNA results. Due to advances in science and technology, along with unique analytical services, DNA testing and a DNA analysis are performed for an affordable price and with a relatively quick turnaround.

Testing for ethnicity DNA has become increasingly popular. While testing and the use of DNA analysis is still done in criminal and paternity court cases, it is also available for people who want to investigate their family tree. Thanks to DNA analysis companies, the everyday person can get accurate answers.

Changes Associated with DNA

Following are just a few examples of how current DNA testing has changed everything.

  • Origin of Ancestors – With such high DNA analysis accuracy, you can learn about your ancestors dating back thousands of years. An analysis will identify various details, such as actual names and where your ancestors lived.
  • Fighting Crime – With DNA testing and analysis, a greater number of crimes are solved and criminals convicted. At the same time, high DNA analysis accuracy has led to the release of many innocent people from prison.
  • Historical Insight – Prior to modern-day DNA testing, genetic research was challenging. Because of advanced testing and analysis, scientists discovered that all humans are roughly 99.5 percent identical from a genetic perspective, regardless of race. To some degree, this has helped reduce challenges of stereotypes and misconceptions about the human race.
  • Cloning – Although human cloning has not been achieved, scientists were able to clone sheep. The most famous, a sheep named Dolly, was cloned from an adult cell. With this revolutionary achievement, the assumption that it was impossible to create an entire organism using specialized cells was overturned.
  • Understand, Predict, and Cure Inherited Diseases – With the use of DNA analysis, medical scientists can now understand, cure, and predict inherited diseases, including down syndrome, sickle cell disease, and breast and ovarian cancer, among others.
  • Families Reunited – Testing and DNA analysis helps families reunite. Paternity can be proven beyond any reasonable doubt, putting people who questioned a relationship with a child, mother, father, sister, brother, grandparents, and so on.

Without question, testing and DNA analysis has changed the world. If you want to understand the results of an existing DNA test or want details about your ancestors based on information passed down from family members, we have the experience and expertise to help.