European Football (Soccer) Tournament EURO2020: is it completely European?


It has been a long time since our last post, but we are back!  With the latest Euro 2020 draw having taken place, it has been decided that our next series of blogs will be affiliated with the soccer 2020 Uefa European Championship.

This is a tournament which will feature 24 nations.  While this tournament is specifically centred around Europe, some may be surprised to learn that in terms of physical geography, it is not an entirely European affair.  For example, Azerbaijan is one of the multiple host nations, existing almost entirely in Asia.  Additionally, a sizeable amount of the personnel on multiple teams have their diasporic roots attached to numerous non-European nations.  Being the first European Championship comprised of 13 distinct hosts, this blog will begin proceedings by analyzing the most populous ethnic groups and their origins residing in each of the host cities.  Because Rome is the destination for the first match of the tournament, it will be the introductory topic of this Euro 2020 series.  On another note, London—the city hosting the two semi-final matches as well as the final, will be examined last.

Stay Tuned for more information about EURO 2020…