DNA Testing Services

Genetic ancestry testing is a scientific discipline which allows an individual to trace his or her genetic ancestral past with only a cheek swab. Ancestral genetics can be the gateway to revealing a person’s unknown, yet interesting past.

Some Possible DNA Testing Possibilites:

  1. Comparing one’s biological and genetic ancestry to the world
  2. Having the ability to pinpoint world regions from which a person’s ancestors originated
  3. Finding relatives of a person from around the world
  4. DNA banking and identification

Many companies offer ethnic or ancestral genetic testing. These tests essentially take a person’s genetic information, and compare it to populations in multiple countries around the world. When a person shares a genetic match with a particular population in the world, there is a high chance that they have some ancestry from that population.

Genealogical Genetic Testing: three variations

Geneological DNA test can be used to establish a person’s ancestry, or genealogy. This is done by locating specific genetic markers unique to certain population groups. There are three main types of inheritance patterns that such markers tend to follow:

  1. The Autosomal DNA Line (reveals everything about a person’s ancestral background)
  2. The Paternal DNA Line (Provides only the paternal lineage of a person’s genetics ex. Father’s father’s father’s father and so on)
  3. The Maternal DNA Line (Provides only the maternal lineage of a person’s genetics ex. Mothers mother’s mother’s mother and so on)

Usually, the maternal and paternal tests are more accurate than the autosomal test, but the autosomal test provides a deeper glance into a person’s total ancestral history, from all parts of one’s family tree.

Sibling Genetic/Relative Testing

This DNA test allows to determine the exact genetic relation between two people. Most often it is done to establish if the siblings share both parents. This test has a sub-procedure that allows to determine half-siblings and twin zygosity. The same test can also be used to determine other relationships, such as grandparentage, cousins, aunt or uncle and so on. Many DNA testing companies now allow a person to submit their DNA to the database of the companies. Once this is completed, the DNA companies can compare all the DNA samples in the database to see if a person is genetically related to anyone who also submitted their DNA into the database.

Other Uses for DNA Analysis

In addition to the purposes listed above, DNA testing can offer personal identification services, by applying a combination of fingerprinting and photo-digital technologies with advanced DNA profiling.

This is widely used by forensic labs, private detectives, attorneys and professionals in the employ of the legal system. It can be used in order to identify a suspect, or match DNA found on a crime scene, comparing it to a wider DNA photo database.

DNA testing is by far the most precise and dependable way of identifying a person for purposes of paternity identification and even to convict in violent crimes.

What BeyondDNA can do for you: understand your Genealogical test results better!

Ancestral DNA tests, and the results, are extremely fascinating and enlightening.  However, these raw facts, provided by the test results, can leave customers somewhat confused or dissatisfied.  Wouldn’t it be nice to discover additional information about the results?

We go Beyond DNA results!  That is why we are called BeyondDNA.

While we do not perform DNA tests ourselves, we specialize in helping you to understand much more about your Ancestral, or Geneological Genetic Test results that you have obtained from any of the many testing labs that exist*.  The raw data that is provided to you by one of these testing companies can be confusing to understand, or may contradict what you have previously believed your background to be.  We will analyze your test results, and using historical facts (such as population migrations, wars, famines, and other such population shaping mechanisms) help to explain what your results really mean.  We will explain how some seemingly irrational test results can actually be very accurate and exciting, and how they probably came about.

*If you haven’t yet obtained DNA test results and would like some input into which company to turn to for the actual DNA test, then please e-mail us, and we’ll be glad to help you decide, based on your wishes.

Please contact us to find out more about Ancestral (Genealogical) DNA Testing, and about how we can help you to understand your ancestry much more clearly!