DNA Testing Services

DNA testing is a scientific discipline which allows to determine with precision a variety of things that have to do with our genetic make up.

Those things include:
1. Biological relationships, such as DNA paternity
2. DNA genealogy and anthropology
3. Sibling DNA testing
4. DNA banking and Identification

The most popular use of our services is paternity testing. This test can successfully establish the paternity of a child, grown-up and even an unborn fetus. The accuracy of paternity tests is reaching a 100% with less than a tiny fraction of failure. This means they are admissible as evidence in most courts of law.
Genealogical Genetic Testing
Another use of DNA testing is to establish the person’s ancestry, or genealogy. This is done by locating specific genetic markers unique to certain population groups. There are three main types of inheritance patterns that such markers tend to follow:
1. The Autosomal DNA Line
2. The Paternal DNA Line
3. The Maternal DNA Line
The most popular genealogy DNA tests are for determining the ancestral origin of the individual, tests for Native American DNA and the mtDNA sequence analysis.
Sibling Genetic Testing
This DNA test allows to determine the exact genetic relation between two people. Most often it is done to establish if the siblings share both parents. This test has a sub-procedure that allows to determine half-siblings and twin zygosity. The same test can also be used to determine other relationships, such as grandparentage, cousins, aunt or uncle and so on.
Other Uses for DNA Analysis
In addition to the purposes listed above, DNA testing can offer personal identification services, by applying a combination of fingerprinting and photo-digital technologies with advanced DNA profiling.
This is widely used by forensic labs, private detectives, attorneys and professionals in the employ of the legal system. It can be used in order to identify a suspect, or match DNA found on a crime scene, comparing it to a wider DNA photo database.
DNA testing is by far the most precise and dependable way of identifying a person for purposes of paternity identification and even to convict in violent crimes.
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