DNA Ethnicity Test: Knowing Where You Come From

We live in a world of global migration, which coincidentally followed a still too recent age of vast displacement of entire populations in the chaos of WW2 and other major disasters of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The Unites States and other countries of the Western world became home to millions of new immigrants and refugees. The assimilation is always a hard process, and in this process, people intent on building a future – tend to set the past aside.

As generations go by, the young children of fully or partially assimilated families begin to ask questions about their family’s origins. Sons and daughters of Europeans, Jews, Native Americans and other people with harsh histories of economic hardship and geographical displacement wish to regain their origins and piece together their family’s history.

DNA Ethnicity Testing Made This Search Much, Much Easier

DNA testing relies on the three groups of DNA we inherit from our parents:
1. The Y DNA Chromosome
2. The Mitochondrial Chromosome
3. The Autosomal DNA

The Y Chromosome is only passed to the male child from the father and doesn’t appear in a female genetic code.

The Mitochondrial DNA is obtained by both sons and daughters, but is passed only by the mother, the father taking no part in this specific passing of genes.

The Autosomal DNA is passed by both parents, and each child – regardless of gender – ends up carrying 50% of their DNA from each parent. This will comprise the majority of the DNA we receive and carry for the rest of our lives.

How Does Ancestry DNA Testing Work?

This topic deserves, and will be covered in a separate article, but in general terms, the DNA containing the information about your origins belongs to the Y and Mitochondrial DNA groups. There are family markers in this genetic code unique to certain world regions and ethnicities. Knowing where to look and what to look for allows Beyond DNA to analyze the results of an ethnicity test and give you a very accurate mapping of your origins.

This can be done with reliable accuracy all the way down ancient history, tracing your family origins thousands of years.

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