Affordable DNA Testing At Home

DNA testing has come a long way in a very short time.

DNA test results are astonishingly accurate and are able to provide answers to an entire array of questions which are hard or even impossible to address otherwise.

One of the things a genealogical DNA test can provide, is map a person’s ancestry through the ages, giving you a map of your origins. It can answer questions of paternity, identify genetic disorders and more. The search for a lost genetic past is definitely a subject that interests many people, and we deal with just that by helping clients understand their DNA results, getting newly familiar with their heritage.

How Does it Work?

Chromosomes which contain our genetic code, are made of strands of information comprising a single molecule, called DNA. The genes in it are encoded information that dictates everything from our hair/eye color to metabolism rate all the way to predisposition towards depression or other things that affect our lives.

DNA testing maps the chromosomes and identifies the genes stored on them. The genes are encoded in specific sequences of amino-acids, each pattern leading to a different physical or psychological trait developing in a living organism. Those combinations have unique traits that are common for people with certain origins.

Latest Development in Genealogical Test Results

Newest lab techniques and state of the art equipment allows modern DNA testing facilities to go farther, examining chromosomes to measure the proteins of specific genes. Those specific genes which cause problems can be discovered. Moreover, the technology has reached such an advanced state that highly affordable kits for DNA testing can be purchased and allow you to have a DNA test without leaving your home.

The test sample is then sent to a laboratory and you get your DNA test results by mail or email. Science has finally removed the mystical component from DNA testing, making it accessible, affordable and extremely easy to do.

We hope this was an informative and interesting read. For more information about DNA testing and to make sense of your ancestry DNA results, feel free to contact us directly.