How Accurate is Ancestry DNA Testing in Determining Geographical Origins?

This is a question we get asked a lot, so we thought it will be a good idea to address it in more detail. How accurate is ancestry testing?

The simple answer is yes, ancestry DNA testing is impressively accurate in providing an individual with a map of his or her origins by geographical region.

The Future is Now, and it Gives You Your Past

Most people who seek to get a DNA test to discover their ethnic and geographical origins, do so for their sense of identity. Our origins define who we are in many, many ways. It is one of the main things that separate humanity from the animal kingdom – the sense of self that makes a human being into a unique individual.

Modern DNA testing techniques allow a person to map their genetic past, adding it to their sense of self. While those techniques have been around for a while, they have recently become more accurate, cheaper, and much, much more popular as a result.

How Does it Work?

Now to the technical part.

You might be surprised – it’s not really that complicated, on the whole.

The maternal and paternal lines of a person’s genetics can be mapped out. The maternal line is discovered by looking at mitochondrial DNA, while the paternal line is mapped by examining Y chromosome markers. When people evolved millions of years ago and migrated from their point of origin in Africa to populate the planet, their genetics changed, generation by generation to fit the specific natural habitats, forming what was later called nations. Specific sets of DNA were preserved in communities and countries, creating clearly distinguishable ethnic groups.

Ancestry DNA testing or DNA ethnicity tests have been perfected in recent years beyond belief, giving astoundingly precise results. The DNA marker called Haplogroup R1b is most common in Western European regions, with a few North African nations who share it as well.

Cross-referencing those markers gives the option to pinpoint a person’s origins with amazing clarity, going into more specific detail than just “East Asia” or “South America”. Some regions were divided into easily recognizable groups, which may give the person an even more precise set of locations.

The results are enlightening and give greater insight into one’s ethnic origins. For someone looking to delve deeper into their ethnic origins and gain clarity of their past, this is an incredibly eye opening experience. The results can be surprising with some unexpected outcomes. Be prepared to be delighted and even surprised.

Our company deals with those test results on a regular basis. We know how to analyze them and make sure you understand what they mean for your ethnic origins.