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Maternal, Paternal or Autosomal?

Often times, when a person wants to take an ethnic DNA test, he or she will have difficulty deciding if they should take the maternal test, the paternal test, or the autosomal test. For those who are unfamiliar with the different kinds of testing, maternal testing involves only one lineage in a person’s family tree: mother -> grandmother -> great grandmother, etc. The paternal test also only examines one lineage in a person’s family tree: father -> grandfather -> great grandfather etc. It is often said that although the…

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We are all ethnically mixed!

Taking an ethnic DNA test can be an extremely eye-opening experience. Not only does it reveal where a person’s ancestors came from, it reminds people of the fact that as human beings, we are all very mixed. There is not one person on planet earth who only belongs to one ethnic background. While some people may have a more homogenous background, everyone has ancestry stemming from multiple locations.

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What is Ethnic Heritage?

Ethnic Heritage pertains to a group of people who share the same ancestry, culture, religion and language.  This is who you are and where you came from. It is comprised of the culture you practice, and your ancestral background. Usually, when people talk about representing their heritage, they imply…

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