Helping you understand your Ethnic Background


Do I need to send DNA Test results to order an Analysis?

Answer: It depends on which Analysis you order. We provide two types of Analyses.

  • Option 1 helps to explain your DNA Test Results. If you order Option 1, you will have to first obtain DNA Test results and then send them to us.
  • However, the second type of Analysis that we can provide for you (Option 2) is based on any information that you can provide us with, such as a Family Tree or word-of-mouth information that you know about your family history. So, for Option 2, we do not require DNA test results. We understand that sometimes it isn’t possible to obtain DNA results, and in these cases, this type of analysis will uncover much more about your ancestry than you currently know, based on the information that you provide us with, and from our research of your data.

If I don’t have DNA Test results, what should I do?

Answer: you can order good quality DNA test results of your Ancestry from various top quality Testing companies, such as DNATribes, 23AndMe, or others.  Once you receive the DNA test results from the company that you choose, you can forward these results to us, and we will tell you a wealth of information about your results in our Analysis.  If you would like advice on which company to order a DNA Ancestry test from, we would be happy to help.  Please send us an e-mail at BeyondDNAOrders@gmail.com

I have DNA test results, but they are confusing. Can you help me to understand them, in simple language?

Answer: yes, this is exactly what we do for our customers.  We help you to understand your DNA test results, in easy to understand language, and add a huge historical perspective to the results, to let you see a much bigger picture of your ancestry.

I don’t believe that my DNA test results are accurate. Can you help me?

Answer: yes, we specialize in explaining how certain results that don’t seem possible can be possible.  There is so much more to our ethnicity than most of us know, and understanding more about the history of certain geographic regions of the world, which we can provide, allows a much better understanding of what the DNA test results really mean.

My family is not from where my DNA Test results claim. I have family trees to prove it. Can you help me?

Answer: yes, this is precisely where we can help.  We will look at historical data, such as migratory patterns, that may help to explain the results that seem to be so strange.  Migrations, explorations, wars, famines, or many other historical reasons, can often explain events that occurred much earlier than any recorded family trees.  We will uncover this information, to help you understand what your DNA results really mean

I am part of the Diaspora of a European country. Why does my country appear only in the sixth position of my DNA results, and not as the top result?

Answer: you would have to provide us with your specific test results, and we will be able to make sense of the results.  Most likely, there is more than meets the eye- it is possible that your country has been previously occupied by other countries, or that your ancestors moved from other countries to the country that you believe to be your country of origin, perhaps many generations ago.  It is also possible that the DNA testing company that you used doesn’t have very many samples from the region from which you hail- and it then finds the closest matches that it has samples from, which may not be exactly what you expect.  It is important to use companies that have rich databases of samples from all around the world in order to obtain the most accurate and meaningful results.

I don’t want anyone to find out about my history because this information is very personal. How will you protect my information?

Answer: we only use your information to research historical data, based on the information that you provide us.  We will not share any of your personal information with anyone.  We will keep your information on record for only one year, at which time it will be deleted from our servers.  If you wish, the information can be deleted at any time, if you make a request.

I have questions about my ancestry that do not exactly fit into the two options that you offer. Can you help me?

Answer:  Yes. Please send us whatever information you have and any specific questions or requests that you would like us to answer. We will research your questions, and provide you with our insight about your heritage.

Our Purpose:

Beyond DNA will look at your DNA test results (from any testing lab), and will help you to understand how it is possible that your Genetic Ancestry Analysis could be true!  Using historical information and research, we will try to make sense of what looks like a false result.   Our research will reveal deeper information about your test results.  This is why we go “Beyond DNA”!