Helping you understand your Ethnic Background


Why take an Ethnic DNA Analysis?

Answer: Most people have a general idea of their ethnic origin. Incidentally, at some point in their lives, many people become intrigued to know more details about their roots. For some it is a growing sentimentality with time that creates a longing for knowing more about their ancestors and where they came from. For others, it becomes an increasingly thought provoking need to learn of their origins just by living in a multicultural world. As we live in an ever growing cultural mosaic, ethnicity becomes more of a prevalent topic. We are more complicated that we realize! Humans come from many different ethnic backgrounds and the possibilities are infinite. However, one thing is for sure, every human being is unique and interesting!

What can an Ethnic DNA tests reveal about you?

Answer: Many people have the impression that they are comprised of just 2-4 different nationalities. Anyone who has ever taken a DNA Test may have been surprised to find influences from many more countries. Think about it. You may have been on this planet for 30, 40 or 50 years, but your ancestors have been on the planet for thousands of years! In that time, take into consideration wars, migration patterns, adoptions and intermarriages. What can the possibilities add up to now? We think of every person as being a unique puzzle where no two people are exactly alike! It is like watching a fascinating mystery unfold. What mysteries would you find in your history and how much do you have in common with other people? While an Ethnic DNA test reveals a lot about you, we at BeyondDNA will be able to uncover even more information!

How accurate is an Ethnic DNA test?

Answer: Some individuals may be skeptical about the validity of a DNA test. People who are unfamiliar with the science behind the testing will often dismiss a DNA test as a “hoax”, because they think that it is impossible to get any genetic information from someone’s saliva.

Ethnic DNA testing is a relatively new concept, but the ways in which it is conducted are scientific, as opposed to fictitious. When a person claims that saliva itself cannot identify someone’s ancestral background, they are correct. When a DNA test is being performed, it is cells within the inner cheek wall that are scraped off into saliva that reveal all the genetic information about a person. The reason that the majority of these tests are conducted using the cheek swab method is because this is the easiest way to collect cells.
Once the cells are collected, they are sent to a testing lab. Testing labs are obviously the locations where a person’s DNA is examined and analyzed. Many DNA testing companies have gone around the world and collected DNA samples from a multitude of populations, and it is vital that a DNA testing company has as many samples as possible. For example, a company might go to Belgium and collect 1000 DNA samples of the local population. Now, the company has a detailed framework of the genetics of Belgian people. With thousands of DNA samples from multiple regions around the world, DNA testing companies would have a detailed database whereby they could easily take a customer’s DNA, and compare it to their database. The comparisons will be able to show the testers which genetic populations are most related to the person they are analyzing. If the person being analyzed has DNA which closely resembles the DNA of a particular population in Egypt, for example, then it is likely that they have some Egyptian ancestry.