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What you can do with “Raw Data” that your DNA Test provided you with

A topic that we have not yet touched upon is “Raw Data” with respect to DNA tests. Raw Data is essentially information from DNA which companies run through their databases.

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World Cup of Soccer: do players represent their true country??

There are many rules that must be followed by athletes before they can join a national team.  Sometimes, players born in other countries may join a national team if other

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Oceania Part 3: the Chamorro people of Micronesia

Micronesia is next on our list of Oceania. This week, special attention will be paid to the Chamorro people native to the Mariana Islands. Demographic data shows that Chamorro people live predominantly in present day Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.

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Oceania Part 2: Melanesia

The series about Oceania will continue with the next topic being Melanesia. While the Polynesians seem to have a common origin through the Austronesians, what about the Melanesians?Read More

Oceania Part 1: Polynesia

For the next few weeks, we will be taking about Oceania and origins of different groups living within Oceania. We begin quite broadly with Polynesians and their origins:

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Cheddar Man

Recently, a very interesting discovery was made: in short, a 10,000 year old skeleton, Cheddar Man. Found originally in Cheddar, England,

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Europe & the Middle East

Europe and the Middle East—neighbours. While one could argue that not all of Europe is particularly close to the Middle East, and not all of the Middle East is within close proximity to Europe, both geographic locations are within touching distance at their closest points.

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Can DNA tests contradict History?

Sometimes Ancestral DNA tests and history (depending on who is being asked) can butt heads. For instance, DNA tests, as well as history, may indicate that people from ethnic group X have original roots from group Y…

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BeyondDNA is honoured to be in the Top 50 DNA blogs!

BeyondDNA is very pleased to have been chosen as being one of the Top 50 DNA blogs by blog.feedspot.com.  Thanks for reading our blogs!




Maternal, Paternal or Autosomal?

Often times, when a person wants to take an ethnic DNA test, he or she will have difficulty deciding if they should take the maternal test, the paternal test, or the autosomal test. For those who are unfamiliar with the different kinds of testing, maternal testing involves only one lineage in a person’s family tree: mother -> grandmother -> great grandmother, etc. The paternal test also only examines one lineage in a person’s family tree: father -> grandfather -> great grandfather etc. It is often said that although the…

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