Helping you understand your Ethnic Background

Is Moldova’s language and culture different than its people’s ethnic origins?

Moldova is an Eastern European nation which is seldom mentioned in the Western World.  Formerly a part of Romania, it was subjected to Russian control on multiple occasions.  In the early 1940s for example,

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Bias-filled reactions to unexpected DNA results?

A recent article was published by the New York Times which analyzed the reactions of individuals’ biased and prejudicial reactions to DNA testing when they received results

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Can ancient chewing gum be used to study early human DNA?

Last post, recent discoveries were mentioned which depicted uncovering bones that contributed to the discovery of Homo Luzonenis in the Philippines.  Another example of an excavation that unearthed early humans occurred in present-day Bulgaria and Greece.  The remains suggest

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Discovery of Ancient Humans in the Philippines

Hello!  A few weeks ago, a multitude of articles depicting a recent finding of ancient humans in Callao Cave, in the Philippines, were published.  This species lived on what is now the island of Luzon, likely 50,000 to 70,000 years ago and it is called “Homo Iuzonenis”.  Interestingly, findings seem to suggest

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Do related Languages imply related DNA of their speakers?

Let us look at two words: language and ancestry.  Throughout the world, there are a plethora of different languages spoken nationally, regionally and so on.

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Are DNA Testing Results Inaccurate?

This week’s blog will feature a discussion about some of the perceived inaccuracies of Ethnic DNA Testing.  There are multiple videos on YouTube, and global television networks

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Using DNA Testing to locate your Relatives

An interesting topic which is yet to be discussed on these blogs for DNA testing is the ability to match with relatives. Most companies nowadays give customers the option of looking at their genetic family members, plus giving them the option to communicate with these relatives.Read More

Why do DNA Companies update their Data Bases?

An interesting thing that has been a recent topic for discussion has been DNA testing updates. AncestryDNA and 23AndMe have both been updating clients with new information as their databases have been updated and have increased in content.  What is there to update?

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What you can do with “Raw Data” that your DNA Test provided you with

A topic that we have not yet touched upon is “Raw Data” with respect to DNA tests. Raw Data is essentially information from DNA which companies run through their databases.

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World Cup of Soccer: do players represent their true country??

There are many rules that must be followed by athletes before they can join a national team.  Sometimes, players born in other countries may join a national team if other

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