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DNA Ethnicity Test

DNA Ethnicity Test

Confused about your DNA Ethnicity Test Results?

In recent years, increasing numbers of people have become interested in determining their Ethnic Background. People are becoming curious about where their ancestry originated. Fortunately, the technology now exists to simply send a DNA sample to a Genetic Ancestry Testing Company, which can analyze your DNA and send you back detailed reports that explain your genetic ancestry- your roots. There are many great companies that provide these services (for example: DNATribes, 23AndMe, and others).

These DNA test results explain your ethnic background very factually. Our company, BeyondDNA, does not perform genealogical DNA Tests. So what is our role?

So what else can BeyondDNA offer me?

The Genetic Ancestry analysis (DNA test results) that you receive from a DNA Testing company can be difficult to understand or even believe.


We are like an expert buddy that will answer nagging questions that you may have when looking through your DNA test result!


For example, a customer living in the United States believed that his ethnic background was Latin American, but when DNA tested, it was revealed that he had a significant amount of Swedish ancestry. The customer didn’t believe these results, and was very confused about how this could be true.

This is where BeyondDNA helped to offer clarity. He sent his test results to us at BeyondDNA, and our analysis revealed the real truth. As it turns out, DNA doesn’t lie, but sometimes understanding the truth requires more explanation. To find out how our Latin American customer could possibly have had Swedish roots, read the next section.

But wait! There is more to the story!

Throughout history, populations of people have been displaced or migrated due to famines, wars, explorations and conquests. As populations have moved into new regions, intermixing occurred, and this resulted in the DNA of the newcomers becoming established in unexpected regions. Only a detailed knowledge of history can explain these events. These historic events have influenced almost all people, and your DNA Testing Results show the consequences of these events- events that are locked deep within your DNA!

As it turns out, our Latin American customer was very surprised when we revealed to him that Vikings had a significant presence in Northern Spain between the ninth and twelfth centuries, and there are some regions in Northern Spain that have a very prominent Swedish influence, even to this day. This influenced generations of Spaniards, including some that were involved in the conquest of the Americas in the sixteenth century, at which time the same Swedish DNA affected the populations of some regions of the Americas!

Using information from your previously completed Genetic DNA Testing, and correlating this with historic migratory patterns of human populations and human origins, a detailed explanation will be sent to you to explain how your results actually make sense, in easy to understand language. We take your DNA Test Results, perform research about you using historical data and human history, and provide a feasible explanation of how the results likely came about.

The results are fascinating, enlightening, and allow you to finally understand who you are. Once our research is completed, we will e-mail you a detailed report.

Where can I obtain an Ethnic DNA Test?

Please remember: we do not perform DNA tests at BeyondDNA. Please contact us if you need help to decide where to obtain a DNA Testing Kit to find out your Genealogical DNA Test results, and we would be happy to point you in the right direction and recommend some excellent DNA Testing companies, and then we will gladly help you further once you have received the raw results.


Need more clarity? Have any questions about taking a DNA test or about your Ethnic Test results? That’s what we are here for ! Just drop us an e-mail and we will help !


If you don’t want a DNA test, but have questions:

If you aren’t interested in taking a DNA test, and just want to use our expertise to answer general questions, just send us any information that you have about your Ethnic Background, such as a family tree, or what you believe to be your background, along with any questions you may have about yourself, such as an unusual hair colour or other unexpected feature. We will then analyse migratory patterns of humans in the regions that you believe you are from, and using historical data, we will tell you about your background and from where your family likely originated, and which other external influences could have affected your genetic ethnicity.

A few more examples:

Genetic Ancestry Testing


Some questions that we have recently answered:

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I have blue eyes and red hair, but my family tree shows that I am Spanish. What’s going on? (Note: this customer didn’t have a DNA test, but we were able to help)

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